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There are several projects in which you could participate. Two of
 which are the Resistance Project and the science teacher demonstration
Resistance (to commercialism) Project

    1   Read the ideas on the resistance page   and start doing some of the things talked     about.
    2  Give us feedback (see our contact information) on how you are doing. 

Science (or industrial arts) Teacher project
 See the Science Teacher page  

  We  need to find a teacher who:
    1 Understands the importance of showing real world examples when demonstrating
        how electrical circuits work.
    2 Would like some equipment or parts for use in the classroom such as small
        motors, switches, lamps, etc
    3 Has some time to talk over, by phone or E-mail, what they could use for next

Solid fuel ministry:
    This project was finished after delivering all of the sawed up wood to people
    who could use it.


If you have any ideas about topics the people of the area should discuss or things they should communicate better please write to us. (see contact page.)

My major interest for right now is finding Blogs and forums concerned with local topics. If you find any on the web please write to us.

If you know of anyone who works on web pages and Does Not use Dreamweaver please get me in contact with them. Web page editing software seems to be hard to use compared to just editing HTML. This site is running on 1+1 hosting so getting to know some of their other customers would be usefull.  Webmaster